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Getting a Better 'Picture' of Your Application Architecture

In a previous post, I covered some useful static code analysis tools for getting a sense of the size of a Node.js application, as well as the health of its external dependencies. This post will continue to look at static analysis tools, with a focus on understanding and visualizing the application’s architecture, patterns (good and bad), and internal dependencies.

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Take Stock of Your Application With Static Code Analysis Tools

Whether you’re joining a team to work on an existing application, or just want to get a better idea of the status of the application you’ve been working on for a while, static analysis tools can help.

These tools can provide you with a better sense of the size and scope of your application, its architecture, and provide insight into areas of importance, high complexity, low test coverage or poor testability, and more.

Of course, these tools are no substitute for human review and team discussion, but they certainly can be used to expedite that process.

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